Reasons to Vaccinate

  • Not all vaccine preventable diseases have gone away
  • They will help you keep healthy
  • They are just as important to your overall health as diet and exercise are
  • When you get sick, your parents, grandparents, peers, and co-workers are at risk to
  • Vaccine-preventable diseases are expensive

Safety of Immunization

  • Some are worried they are not safe and may harm individuals.  It is also important to think about the risks of not having the vaccination.
  • Some think that the mercury (thimerosal) in multi-dose vaccines causes autism or ADHD.  Studies have not proven this to be the case.
  • It is very rare, but allergic reactions to some parts of the vaccines are possible.  Similar to many other medications, side effects are possible.

The recommended immunization schedule is usually updated every 12 months.  Check the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions website for the most recent immunization schedule.  The ultimate decision to vaccinate is up to you but its important to know all the information first.