Children receive most of their toys around holiday time, but some gifts could be unsafe According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission , in 2005 more than 200,000 toy-related injuries were reported, and nearly 8,000 of these injuries were eye injuries. Therefore, the national group, Prevent Blindness, chose December as “Safe Toys and Gifts Month.” Learn how to purchase safe products for the children in your life. Does this Spark an idea?




  1. Keep the child’s age in mind when purchasing gifts and consider their maturity level. Read the age recommendations and any warnings on the packaging and abide by them.
  2. Select toys that are well constructed and meet the American Society for Testing and Materials’ (ASTM) approval. You will see a label on the package if the item meets these standards.
  3. Refrain from purchasing any items with sharp objects or edges. Likewise, you should pass on buying toy guns or toys where parts fly off.
  4. Test all small toys or parts of toys to ensure they are not chocking hazards. Take a toilet paper roll and place the toy inside; if it fits it should be taken away from any child under 3 years of age. Older sibling’s toys should also be stored, and played with, away from younger children.
  5. Provide proper safety equipment when giving sporting goods and make sure the child uses it when playing. This gear should include helmets, facemasks and eye protection .
  6. Check for recalls on both new and older toys. You can access recall information on the Safe Kids USA or the Consumer Product Safety Commissions websites. Both websites also offer email alerts that warn of new recalled products.
  7. Explain the proper way to use each toy given to the child and inspect them often to ensure that nothing is broken or loose. Remove any toy that is broken until it is properly fixed or discard if it is unfixable.
  8. Supervise playtime to ensure that your child is using toys in the correct manner. This supervision is especially important for craft supplies such as scissors, glue and pencils.

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