November is Prematurity Awareness Month

Did you know: Pregnant women who experience high levels of stress may be at risk of delivering their baby too early.

How can a pregnant women reduce stress?

-Eat a healthy diet

-Get plenty of sleep

-Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and drugs

-Exercise regularly (after asking your doctor)

-Healthy relationships and family support



*Information taken from the Institute of Medicine Committee on Understanding Premature Birth and Assuring Healthy Outcomes, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Behrman, R.E., and Butler, A.S. (eds.) Preterm Birth: Causes, Consequences, and Prevention. Washington, DC, The National Academies Press 2006.


October is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Awareness Month

Did you know that SIDS is the leading cause of death for infants one month to one year?

SIDS Awareness Month was inaugurated to help educate parents and caregivers about ways to reduce the risk of SIDS. Here are things you can do to lower the risk of SIDS:

  • Place your baby on his or her back to sleep at night and naptime.
  • Eliminate fluffy, loose bedding from your baby’s sleeping area.
  • Use a wearable blanket in place of loose blankets to keep your baby warm.
  • Keep your baby’s face clear of coverings.
  • Use a firm mattress in a safety-approved crib.
  • Don’t allow anyone to smoke around More >