Teen Parents You’re Not Alone!!


 Being a parent is a 24-hour-a-day job, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. You may be juggling the demands of a baby, your family, school, and work. Chances are, you’re not able to do all of the things you enjoyed before your baby was born.

• Confused and uncertain—about their future or their skills as a parent

 • Overwhelmed—they don’t know where to begin or they feel like giving up

• Angry—at the baby’s other parent, their friends or even their baby

• Lonely—like they are the only person dealing with so many problems

• Depressed—sad and unable to face their problems

These feelings do not More >

March is Kidney Month

Children With Chronic Kidney Disease: Tips for Parents

If your child has been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, you are no doubt feeling distressed and bewildered. These feelings are normal. And once you realize that your child’s illness is a reality the family must accept, you can develop some practical ways to cope with the day-to-day aspects of it. Here are some things others have found helpful.

Learn about the disease and its treatments
  1. Learn as much about your child’s disease and its treatment as you possibly can. And pass this information on to your child. You’d be surprised at how much More >

National Nutrition Month – March 2011

Let Color Be Your Guide to Nutritious Meals and Eat Right with Color During National Nutrition Month

CHICAGO – While the trees may be bare in March, there are still plenty of colorful and nutritious foods to fill your plate. During the 2011 National Nutrition Month®, the American Dietetic Association encourages everyone to add color and nutrients to your meals through this year’s theme: “Eat Right with Color.”

“Adding a splash of colorful seasonal foods to your plate makes for more than just a festive meal. A rainbow of foods creates a palette of nutrients, each with a different bundle of potential More >