GHHS in the News Finding a second start By Nicole Rita

Being a single mother is tough. Being a single mother and trying to finish school in addition to working a job, is even tougher. And with a lack of a support system, it can seem almost impossible. 

But there’s a program in Dauphin County that can help.

The Hamilton Health Center in Harrisburg offers Healthy Start. The aim of the program is to offer support to pregnant and post-partum women as well as their children and families by assisting with healthcare and providing support services.

Each woman is assigned a case manager to help them with More >

National Birth Defect Prevention Month January 2014

Preventing Birth Defects     Quicklinks:

Schedule a Preconception Doctor’s Visit Consume Enough Folic Acid Avoid Alcohol, Street Drugs and Tobacco Prevent Infections Manage Medications Control Chronic Conditions Eat Right and Maintain a Healthy Weight Avoid Other Harmful Substances Learn About Genetics See a Doctor Regularly Learn More


Although the causes of many birth defects are still unknown, there are a few steps that women can take to reduce their chances of having a baby with a birth defect.



Schedule a Preconception Doctor’s Visit:

Women should see their health care provider BEFORE they get pregnant. This is called preconception care. Many birth defects More >

¿QUÉ ES EL ÁCIDO FÓLICO? Semana de Concientización sobre el Ácido Fólico Enero 5-11, 2014


El ácido fólico es una vitamina B necesaria para el crecimiento apropiado de las células. Si se toma antes y durante los primeros meses del embarazo, el ácido fólico puede prevenir entre el 50 y el 70 por ciento de algunas formas de defectos de nacimiento (congénitos) llamados defectos del tubo neural. Usted puede conseguir los 400 microgramos de ácido fólico que necesita diariamente con una multivitamina o con comidas fortificada.

Los expertos recomiendan que las mujeres en edad de tener hijos tomen 400 microgramos de ácido fólico sintético diariamente

  • consumiendo alimentos con suplementos vitamínicos,
  • consumiendo una pastilla More >